About Me

With visions of living in a high-rise in Manhattan and working at a top notch magazine, I ended up marrying my high school sweetheart and living in the outermost section of Brooklyn with three kids and a houseful of animals, which I would never trade (on most days!). A New York City gal at heart, I hold onto the simple fact that I was born and bred in Brooklyn before it became trendy to do so.

After enjoying more than 10 years of editing and writing at local parenting publications, I finally summoned up the courage to quit one utterly mind-numbing corporate job and take a leap into working for myself. And all I can think is: Why didn't I do it sooner? 

Most of my days start with feeding kids, animals, and anything else that shows up in my kitchen and announces "I'm hungry".  The day usually ends with my eyes closing, as they glaze over what can only be considered horrific Math homework problems or mounds of laundry (also equally horrific). In between those times, I write at Disney's Babble.com, the fastest-growing parenting magazine on the Web, and a bunch of other lifestyle magazines, including NY Parenting, the #1 source for raising families in New York City.

I can write way better than I speak (just like that Pinterest meme) and I credit my career to the smart, intelligent, and sassy women I have had the privilege to work with, my life to my hubby, kids and mom, and my muse to Dave Matthews, the person who provides me with the ideal music in which to write— which is nothing short of huge.

My best advice is to know you are good enough. I have worked with entirely too many women who don't think they are: in the workplace, as a wife, and as a mom. I have to say that if we could all see ourselves as others see us, trash all the lies that the media throws at us, and just enjoy who we are (flaws and all), we would know what peace is. It's something I work on, or at least try to, every day.

So if you have that dream to be an artist, a lawyer, a cupcake maker, a dog trainer, an entrepreneur, or even a writer, go for it. 

Do what you love— it is a gift, and when you utilize what was given to you, that's when you shine.